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When Luxury Meets Art: Peter Marino’s Collection Magnifies Tiffany & Co. at The Landmark


Paris, 26 February 2024

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

In the majestic halls of The Landmark, Peter Marino orchestrates a visual symphony where each piece selected for Tiffany & Co. is a note that resonates in perfect harmony with the spirit of the brand.

This architect, whose reputation is well-established, transcends expectations by creating a space where art is not just displayed, but truly celebrated.

With “Culture of Creativity,” it is not merely an exhibition but a statement of style, a reflection of Marino’s own identity.

The walls of The Landmark become pages on which a story of passion, taste, and a deep understanding of the art world is told.

Marino, in his choice of works, shows a predilection for boldness, color, and a certain narrative complexity that challenges and delights the viewer.

Beyond mere aesthetics, there is an intellectual approach in this collection.

The works of Basquiat, Johnson, and other illustrious artists are not mere decorations; they are manifestations of the zeitgeist, indelible imprints of contemporary culture.

And in this space, Marino’s Tiffany silver collection integrates with natural grace, testifying to the longevity and evolution of taste.

The exhibition, which spans two floors, is a journey where each step reveals a new facet of Marino’s universe.

It is an immersive experience where visitors can not only admire collectible pieces but also enter the mind of a man who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of beauty in all its forms.

The end of the visit holds a surprise: the revelation of Marino’s own collection, with Tiffany silver objects that are precious not just for their material but also for their history and what they represent in Marino’s journey.

These pieces, including tea services, candlesticks, and finely crafted silverware, are silent witnesses to Marino’s passion for exceptional craftsmanship and his dedication to the art of living.

Leaving The Landmark, the visitor takes away more than an image; they carry an experience, a connection with the soul of a place and a man who have surrounded themselves with works that continually defy time and trends.

Peter Marino, in collaborating with Tiffany & Co., does not merely present an exhibition; he inscribes his name into the eternity of art and design, leaving an indelible mark on the heart of Fifth Avenue and on art lovers worldwide.

Image credits: Tiffany & Co

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