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Cartier in Séoul: A Journey through Time and Creativity


Paris, 19 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

In the elegant and futuristic setting of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), the venerable haute joaillerie house Cartier is preparing to open the doors to its historical and artistic splendor to the Korean public.

The exhibition “Cartier, Crystallization of Time,” beginning on May 1st, promises to immerse its visitors in the luxurious universe of Cartier, offering an unprecedented glimpse into its heritage and craftsmanship.

Since its foundation in 1847, Cartier has risen to the rank of legend in the world of luxury accessories.

Today, it invites Korea once again to delve into its archives and collections after a successful initial revelation in 2008. “It is an honor to return to Seoul, a city that so harmoniously combines tradition and modernity, a perfect echo of the spirit of our house,” says a representative of Cartier.

The exhibition, scenographed by the New Material Research Laboratory, led by artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and architect Tomoyuki Sakakida, introduces a dialogue between the art of jewelry and architecture, highlighting Cartier’s innovative approach through the ages.

In collaboration with the Onjium Institute, the brand has infused a Korean essence into the exhibition, incorporating traditional materials for a unique cultural blend.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is a white gold bracelet from 2015, adorned with a majestic 189.345-carat opal, as well as a Hindu necklace commissioned by Singer heiress, Daisy Fellowes.

These creations, among others, testify to Cartier’s ability to capture the essence of time and crystallize the ephemeral into objects of eternal beauty.

This exhibition divides its exploration into three themes: “Transformation of Materials and Colors,” “Shapes and Designs,” and “Universal Curiosity.” It begins with Cartier’s refined clocks, advances through surprising materials such as fossilized wood, and celebrates iconic pieces such as the Panthère watch.

The Cartier collection itself is a chronicle of over 3,500 pieces, reflecting a heritage of creativity that began in the time of Napoleon III and continues to thrive. “Each jewel, watch, or art object in our collection is a chapter of our history,” explains the curator of the Cartier house. Since acquiring the first vintage Cartier piece in 1973, the collection has become a study of elegance and the evolution of decorative arts.

The exhibition, running until June 30th, is not only a window into the soul of Cartier but also a testament to the cultural fusion between France and Korea.

With extended opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate cultural night owls, “Cartier, Crystallization of Time” is an experience not to be missed for aficionados of art, history, and design.

For those eager to attend this prestigious event, tickets will be available on Interpark starting April 1st.

Like Cartier’s own pieces, this exhibition promises to be a shining gem in Seoul’s cultural calendar this year.

Image credits: Cartier

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