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Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt in the spotlight of CHANEL in Deauville.

Culture | News

Paris, 28 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

In this season when the sea winds blow unnoticed along the deserted beaches of Deauville, a love story seems to come to life under the flashes of the cameras.

CHANEL, a timeless fashion icon, launches a new campaign evoking the legendary romance of Claude Lelouch’s film “Un homme et une femme”.

It is in this timeless context that Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, two of the most famous faces in cinema, come together, not on the big screen, but in front of the lens of renowned photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

The scene is striking: a sports car stands out against the backdrop of a sea stirred by the approach of winter, while a table set in the intimacy of a hotel evokes the beginnings of a romantic dinner.

Between reality and fiction, CHANEL’s campaign unfolds a visual narrative where every detail seems to tell a chapter of a budding love story.

Its words resonate with the palpable tension of the images, where the thrill of the unknown blends with the promise of an indelible bond.

The CHANEL bag, a silent but omnipresent actor, becomes the witness to these suspended moments, capturing the very essence of the House.

In Deauville, where the ghosts of the Nouvelle Vague still seem to whisper at street corners, the bag blends into the scenery, both a modern relic and a standard-bearer of timeless chic.

This campaign is not just a mere reminiscence; it is a window into the soul of CHANEL, a company that, over time, has remained synonymous with passion, sophistication, and an elegance that defies eras.

With Cruz and Pitt as muses, CHANEL is not simply selling an accessory, but inviting a journey into a broader narrative, where each consumer is invited to become both a spectator and a protagonist of a romance both ephemeral and eternal.

As the waves continue to beat the melancholy of Deauville’s beach, the CHANEL campaign unfolds like an ode to the passage of time, to enduring luxury, and to love, which always rises from its ashes.

The new CHANEL campaign with Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, beyond its impeccable aesthetics and captivating storytelling, positions itself as a true contemporary work of art, blending popular culture and French cinematic heritage.

It reaffirms the brand’s image as a symbol of luxurious and timeless love.

But will this campaign succeed in captivating the collective imagination and inscribing itself in the legend of the CHANEL house?

Only time, the ultimate judge of fashion and love stories, will tell.

For more information about the campaign, CHANEL products, or to obtain exclusive behind-the-scenes images with Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, stay tuned to the latest releases from the House or visit their official website.

What makes the new CHANEL campaign with Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt so unique?

The uniqueness of the new CHANEL campaign lies in its homage to a classic of French cinema, “Un homme et une femme” by Claude Lelouch, while embodying the essence of the brand through the presence of two modern icons, Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt.

The fusion of cinematic heritage with luxury fashion and the narrative of a budding romance creates a captivating visual storytelling that highlights CHANEL’s iconic bag as a symbol of timeless love.

This narrative strategy not only enriches the brand image but also promises to engage consumers in a love story that is both new and familiar, underscoring CHANEL’s ability to remain relevant in contemporary culture.

Photography credit : CHANEL

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