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Bulgari Studio inaugurates a new era of art and luxury in Seoul.


Paris, 18 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

In a burst of creativity and elegance, Bulgari inaugurated its Bulgari Studio in Seoul last Thursday, a new space designed to celebrate and encourage transdisciplinary collaborations between artists from all backgrounds.

The launch of this platform coincides with the 25th anniversary of the brand’s signature ring, the B.zero1, inspired by the timeless architecture of the Colosseum in Rome.

Within the halls of the Theater of Lights, a select group of guests had the privilege of attending an exceptional first showcase.

Laura Burdese, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Bulgari, guided the attendees through an exhibition revealing captivating images and videos of the B.zero1 collection, before unveiling other jewels from the Bulgari house, such as the Bulgari Bulgari watches and Roma bags.

The curves of the exhibition ultimately led to a ballroom, where artistic performances awaited them.

The atmosphere was electrified by the performance of Sadeck Berrabah, a renowned French choreographer known for his viral creations and collaborations with celebrities such as Shakira and Chris Brown.

A group of 84 dancers took the stage, unfolding a hypnotic choreography where every movement of arms and hands intertwined in a dance of waves and angles.

The highlight of the evening was the immersive audiovisual spectacle presented by the multidisciplinary artist Anyma.

The audience was immersed in a universe where sound and visuals blended harmoniously and had the exclusive opportunity to hear his new track, “After Love,” featuring the participation of Grammy-honored singer Delilah Montagu. The performance was followed by musical appearances such as Lim Kim’s and the enchanting DJ set by Ana Kim.

Shawn Lee, National Managing Director of Bulgari Korea, shared his excitement about this new initiative: “Bulgari Studio is the intersection where Bulgari’s innovative philosophy meets contemporary art to generate bold experiences and forge new visions.”

Bulgari’s global ambassador, Lisa Manoban from the group Blackpink, made a sensation dressed in Dion Lee, her black outfit highlighting the brilliance of her Bulgari jewelry, notably the famous B.zero1 diamond necklace.

She was joined by other luminaries from the K-pop scene, as well as international brand ambassadors and iconic figures from both the Korean and international entertainment industries.

The Bulgari Studio event will run until March 31 at the Lotte World Tower & Mall, promising a deeper exploration of the intersection between luxury and artistic creation.

A special installation by Anyma was unveiled for the occasion, evoking an infinite tunnel that extends beyond space and time, symbolizing Bulgari’s ambition and vision.

Seoul is just the beginning of the journey for Bulgari Studio, which aims to bring together contemporary artists on a global scale throughout the year, offering a glimpse of what the future of art and luxury can offer.

Image credits: Bulgari

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