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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for the website

At Meet & Match, we are proud of our commitment to CSR and we continually seek to develop and improve our sustainability, ethical and social responsibility practices.
We are therefore committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Respect for human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights in all our business activities. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, and we ensure that our employees, customers and suppliers are treated fairly and with respect. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our company, recognising that diversity of experience and perspective can enrich our work and our corporate culture.

Protecting the environment

We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We are also committed to making our employees and customers aware of the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices.

Social responsibility to the community

We are committed to the development of the communities in which we operate by supporting local initiatives, encouraging volunteering and contributing to social causes. We also seek to work with business partners who share our values and commitment to CSR. We are also committed to respecting workers’ rights and encouraging fair working conditions in our supply chain.

Responsible governance

We are committed to responsible corporate governance, ensuring transparency in our operations, quality in our communications and ethical business practices. We also seek to promote a culture of integrity and accountability within our business. We are committed to identifying and managing ethical, environmental and social risks that could have an impact on our business and our stakeholders.

Measuring our CSR impact

We aim to measure and evaluate our CSR impact on a regular basis, using relevant indicators and communicating our CSR performance transparently.

Fondé en 2010
231 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris