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The Chanel Culture Fund Supports French Artist Julien Creuzet at the Venice Biennale


The Chanel Culture Fund: Spearheading Contemporary Art at the Venice Biennale with Julien Creuzet

Paris, 13 February 2024

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

As the 60th edition of the Venice Biennale unfolds in the timeless majesty of the City of Doges, an unexpected protagonist emerges with strength: the Chanel Culture Fund.

Orchestrating strategic support, the fund led by visionary Yana Peel, centers the event around multimedia artist Julien Creuzet.

Bearing the French standard, Creuzet embodies the foundation’s commitment to an inventive and mixed France.

A professor at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris and the first person of Caribbean origin to honor this role for France, Julien Creuzet owes much to the unwavering commitment of the Chanel Culture Fund.

His appointment was celebrated in Martinique, reflecting the foundation’s commitment to valuing the artist’s roots and inspirations.

Within the splendid setting of the French Pavilion, the Chanel Culture Fund promises to unveil an installation that transcends artistic boundaries, rooted in Caribbean imaginaries and nurtured by the confluences of African, Indian, and European cultures.

Creuzet, with the support of the foundation, will invite the public to an immersive auditory experience, a journey marked by a mosaic of sound pieces disseminated on social media and various digital platforms.

At the heart of this artistic odyssey, the “sound reader” will become the symbol of contemporary voice, an initiative supported by the foundation to underline the importance of speech in art.

The foundation does not stop there: an artist’s book, including unpublished collages and poems, will be created under the aegis of Chanel, thus marking the role of the foundation as a bridge between art and its audience.

Yana Peel shares with enthusiasm that entering Creuzet’s creative space will be a revelation, a bold mix of poetry, music, cinema, and animation, crowning the artist as a true master of cultural assembly.

Through this collaboration, the Chanel Culture Fund renews the spirit of patronage dear to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, affirming that supporting artistic innovation is to participate in building a rich and diverse future.

As the Biennale welcomes visitors and the curious from April 20 to November 24, the Chanel Culture Fund and Julien Creuzet are set to offer a spectacle where art speaks in favor of renewed dialogue with the world, placing the foundation as a true catalyst for contemporary creativity.

The bold and avant-garde vision of the Chanel Culture Fund is not only manifested in the brilliance of this unique collaboration but also in its deep commitment to encouraging an artistic discourse that resonates with the current and future issues of our society. It is with this in mind that the foundation chose to accompany Julien Creuzet, an artist whose work questions our relationship with identity, memory, and territory.

Creuzet’s journey is emblematic of the mission set by the Chanel Culture Fund: to propel artists who push the limits of creation and reflect the diversity of the contemporary world onto the global stage.

The fund thus positions itself as a patron of modernity, echoing Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s historical role in supporting the arts, but with a perspective firmly turned towards the future.

The Venice Biennale is more than an event; it’s a microcosm where the art of the present meets the echoes of the past and the visions of the future.

The Chanel Culture Fund, by choosing to support an artist with roots as deep and branches as widespread as Creuzet, weaves a link between these different eras and offers a platform where cultural dialogues intersect and flourish.

Creuzet’s installation, supported by the foundation, is an invitation to sensory exploration. It proposes a journey through the dense woods of Anse Couleuvre, where the artist, in his youth, sought the red spider of Martinique.

This quest, evoked by Creuzet, is transposed into his work: it becomes a metaphor for a broader search, that of identity and the individual’s place in a perpetually changing world.

The Chanel Culture Fund’s contribution to this edition of the Biennale is far from anecdotal; it marks a decisive step in the recognition and valorization of emerging talents shaping the landscape of contemporary art.

Yana Peel highlights that each work presented by Creuzet is a reflection of this ambition, each sound emitted is an echo of this philosophy.

Beyond the Biennale, the action of the Chanel Culture Fund extends, carrying the aspiration to establish an ongoing dialogue between artists and the public, between art and its context.

It is a commitment that transcends the event to inscribe itself in duration, thus affirming the foundation’s place as an essential pillar of the international cultural scene.

As the Biennale opens its doors, the art world eagerly awaits the discovery of Creuzet’s universe, presented by the Chanel Culture Fund.

An experience that promises to be not only a wonderful moment but also a poignant reflection on our times, on the beauty and complexity of our world, shaped by a foundation determined to defend creative boldness for a better future.

Image Credit: French Institute

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