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Tiffany & Co.: Back to its Roots with “With Love, Since 1837”


Paris, 25 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

In the midst of transforming the advertising landscape, the venerable house of Tiffany & Co. is turning away from the celebrity spotlight to illuminate the treasures of its heritage.

Its new campaign, “With Love, Since 1837,” is a vibrant homage to the history and craftsmanship that have cemented its reputation as the jeweler par excellence.

In a bold move, Tiffany & Co. embraces the spirit of its past, echoing the innovative work of Gene Moore, whose artistic window displays once captivated passersby with their inventiveness and charm.

The campaign images, resulting from the collaboration between photographer Dan Tobin Smith and set designer Rachel Thomas, are a modern reinvention of Moore’s legendary tableaus.

They invite viewers to contemplate the house’s iconic collections—from “Lock” to “Tiffany Setting”—through a narrative prism that intertwines art and history.

The staging, accomplished without the use of computer graphics but with sophisticated projection and lighting techniques, offers a sensory experience that transcends the traditional advertising campaign.

Each vignette is a window onto love— the founding value and the thread that runs through Tiffany’s identity—represented here as the very essence of jewelry creation.

The approach chosen for this campaign is as tangible as it is intangible; it showcases the jewelry in its material brilliance while evoking the emotions and stories that bring it to life.

This strategy stands out in a world saturated with digitalization, reminding consumers that craftsmanship has a soul and a history that deserve to be celebrated.

Tiffany & Co.’s commitment to authenticity is also reflected in the choice of channels for disseminating “With Love, Since 1837.”

The campaign will launch on the brand’s website, as well as in print and digital formats, reaching both long-time followers and today’s connoisseurs.

This journey through time, far from being a mere retrospective, is a declaration of love from Tiffany & Co. to its art, demonstrating that in the changing world of fine jewelry, remembering where one comes from is as important as knowing where one is going.

Photography Credits : Tiffany & Co

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