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Prada and UNESCO Join Forces for Marine Education in 56 Countries.


Fashion Meets Marine Conservation: Prada and UNESCO Join Forces to Educate 56 Countries.

Paris, 24 January 2024

In a remarkable effort for ocean preservation, the Prada Group, in partnership with UNESCO, has recently expanded its Sea Beyond educational program to 56 countries.

This ambitious program aims to educate and raise awareness among approximately 34,000 students about the interrelationships between the ocean, climate, and environmental challenges stemming from human activities.

Launched in 2019 and currently in its third edition, the Sea Beyond training targets 184 high schools. The announcement was made during a press conference at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, coinciding with the prestigious fashion week.

As part of this program, Prada also announced a new partnership with Libraries Without Borders, expanding its impact to vulnerable communities in Europe and Africa, including Italy, France, Burundi, and Côte d’Ivoire.

The Prada Group is also in talks with the Swiss watchmaker Panerai to collaborate on the Sea Beyond project.

Additionally, Prada has partnered with National Geographic Creative Works to produce three new episodes focused on Re-Nylon and Econyl, a regenerated nylon yarn created from recycled ocean plastics.

The conference also highlighted the scourge of the Atlantic blue crab, a formidable invader for fishing communities in the Mediterranean.

In response to this threat, a restaurateur expressed a desire to adapt European culinary culture to incorporate this “tasty and sweet” crustacean into local menus.

Vladimir Ryabinin of UNESCO emphasized the importance of knowledge of the seabed, only 25% of which has been mapped to date, a significant improvement from 5.5% in 2016.

This knowledge is essential for protection against natural disasters, such as tsunamis, and for understanding the ocean as a carbon reservoir and site of photosynthesis.

Patrizio Bertelli from Prada expressed the importance of raising awareness among young people to influence the mindset of future generations and promote ocean preservation.

The hope is that these students can become future leaders and decision-makers committed to sustainable practices.

Francesca Santoro of UNESCO indicated that educational resources are being developed to perceive the ocean not as a victim but as an ally against the climate crisis.

She handed over the floor to two students from Peru, whose initiatives have been recognized by the Sea Beyond program.

Finally, Jérémy Lachal from Libraries Without Borders presented The Ideas Box, a mobile multimedia center designed by Philippe Starck, which will be adapted with content on environmental protection.

Indeed, these educational programs and initiatives are eloquent examples of how collaboration between fashion, science, and education can create positive changes for our planet. With such commitment, the future of our oceans appears brighter.

Crédits images : Prada

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