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LVMH and Chanel have announced a strategic alliance to accelerate sustainable development in the luxury sector.


A strategic alliance for a sustainable future: LVMH and Chanel redefine luxury.

Paris, 15 December 2023

In an unprecedented move that redefines the contours of the luxury industry, two titans, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Chanel, have announced a strategic alliance to accelerate sustainable development in the luxury sector.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, demonstrating that cooperation can surpass competition when it comes to environmental challenges.

The announcement of this partnership was made during a one-day event organized by LVMH, called Life 360, held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

This event not only highlighted the individual initiatives of each luxury house but also revealed ambitious plans for deeper collaboration among competitors, with a particular focus on suppliers and supply chain transparency.

The joint initiative will see the two giants harmonize their reporting and auditing schedules for corporate social responsibility, a move aimed at avoiding duplication of efforts and simplifying the process for suppliers.

Additionally, a partnership program called Life 360 Business Partners was unveiled, promising direct support to suppliers through financing and co-investment, while integrating them more closely as strategic partners.

Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH, emphasized the need to rethink traditional competition. According to him, the focus should now be on competition in design and creativity, rather than on old paradigms.

The necessity of sharing information and working together has become essential to make progress on environmental issues.

This bold statement by Arnault is a call to action for the entire industry, highlighting that progress, in all its forms, is crucial, and that joining forces is inevitable.

During the event, emphasis was placed on the victories already achieved, such as a 10% reduction in energy consumption in LVMH stores, as well as on persistent challenges, such as eliminating fossil fuel-based plastics.

The partnership program with suppliers will focus on education and ecological transition, with training aimed at helping suppliers in their sustainability efforts.

The day was also marked by a speech from Stella McCartney, a pioneer in sustainable luxury, who highlighted the positive impact of the absence of animal products in fashion.

Her collaboration with Veuve Clicquot to create grape leather soles and her support for the development of alternative leathers made from mushrooms perfectly illustrate the innovation needed to transform the industry.

The fashion sector, represented by Pascal Morand, Executive President of the French Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, also faces the challenge of overproduction, with approximately 130 billion pieces produced annually.

Morand emphasized the need for global governance and legislative solutions to change this system in the long term.

The alliance between LVMH and Chanel, two of the most influential houses in the luxury industry, is therefore much more than just a collaboration; it is a decisive turning point that could change the way companies perceive their responsibility to the planet.

Their shared commitment demonstrates that in terms of sustainable development, major players in the luxury industry are ready to lead change.

Interview with Hélène Valade (Environmental Development Director at LVMH) for BFM Business.

Photography credits: LVMH

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