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CHANEL is ushering in an era of transparency: the TRASCE alliance is redesigning Cosmetic Traceability.


CHANEL at the Forefront of Sustainability: Launching TRASCE to Revolutionize Cosmetic Traceability.

Paris, 28 January 2024

A new era is on the horizon for the cosmetic industry with the introduction of the Traceability Alliance for Sustainable Cosmetics (TRASCE), a pioneering initiative orchestrated by CHANEL.

This strategic alliance, bringing together 15 industry titans such as Dior and Estée Lauder, aims to establish unprecedented transparency in the supply chains of beauty ingredients and packaging.

In the wake of health and geopolitical disruptions, CHANEL has taken the lead in rallying competitors around a common vision of sustainability.

TRASCE members, including key players such as L’Oréal, Albéa, and L’Occitane en Provence, are committed to an initiative that could redefine industry standards.

TRASCE’s ambition is to meticulously map supply chains through the digital platform Transparency-One.

This approach will establish the exact provenance of components and closely monitor the activities and locations of suppliers.

Gilles Swyngedauw of Albéa Cosmetics Fragrance asserts that we are on the cusp of a “cosmetic packaging revolution.”

Meghan Ryan, responsible for sustainable sourcing at Estée Lauder, emphasizes the benefits of collaboration and shared tools to improve transparency and accountability in sourcing.

However, challenges remain, particularly in engaging distant suppliers, as noted by Julien Garry of Chanel Parfums Beauté.

Counterfeiting, which erodes industry revenues by billions of euros, is also in TRASCE’s sights, aiming to counter this trend through better traceability.

CHANEL’s initiative is hailed as a step forward towards a more ethical and responsible industry.

The launch of TRASCE by Chanel represents not only a commitment to a cleaner and more ethical industry but also a call to action for other sectors.

The momentum provided by Chanel and its partners could well set a new standard for traceability and environmental responsibility within the cosmetic industry and beyond.

It’s a formidable challenge that Chanel is undertaking, but the potential impact is immense.

If traceability can be seen as the key to a more sustainable cosmetic industry, then TRASCE, under Chanel’s leadership, could well be its standard-bearer.

Image credits: CHANEL

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