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Alaïa in London: An Artistic Renaissance on New Bond Street

News | Store Design

Paris, 26 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

A fresh wind is blowing on New Bond Street, where the Alaïa flagship has recently reopened its doors after a bold transformation orchestrated by creative director Pieter Mulier.

The prestigious London address transforms into a hybrid space, blending the parallel worlds of fashion and art with a distinctive flair.

Originally the house of visionary Azzedine Alaïa, known for his sculptural creations that celebrate femininity, today’s Alaïa flagship embodies that same essence while paving the way for contemporary expression.

Pieter Mulier, at the creative helm since 2021, has redefined minimalism and elegance, respecting the founder’s legacy while imprinting his own mark on the house.

Stepping into this store, visitors are immersed in an environment where every detail is an ode to beauty.

The central staircase, echoing the iconic lines of the Alaïa house, guides guests through a journey where fashion meets art.

The space, arranged by Mulier, features a careful selection of works from recognized artists, thus creating a dialogue between textiles and canvases, shapes and colors, textures and emotions.

On the first floor, a lounge designed by René Drouot offers a haven of peace.

Here, a sofa and four armchairs invite relaxation, framed by plexiglass boxes revealing Alaïa’s new sparkling shoes, testifying to the popularity of Mulier’s creations.

The ambiance is enhanced by the presence of warm lighting by Marc Newson and carefully selected furniture, including pieces by Gerrit Rietveld, Gio Ponti, and Franco Albini.

Aesthetic coherence is maintained through a selection of artworks, among which are photographs by Thomas Ruff, a large collage by Steven Shearer, and a painting by Sterling Ruby, giving the store an art gallery atmosphere.

The highlight of this renovation is undoubtedly the industrial-style kitchen on the second floor, designed to be a place of meeting and exchange, echoing Alaïa’s Parisian kitchen.

This space emphasizes the importance of conviviality and community, values dear to the founder.

Azzedine Alaïa, an art enthusiast, always envisioned fashion as a sculptural form, a vision that Pieter Mulier strives to continue with dedication.

His quest? To create garments imbued with modern beauty in perpetual motion.

In reinventing this iconic place, Mulier does not merely present a clothing collection; he offers an immersive experience where fashion and art merge in an unprecedented way.

The reopening of the Alaïa store on New Bond Street is not just a renewal for the brand, but a significant milestone in the history of fashion and art in London.

139 New Bond Street, the heart of luxury and art, is once again beating, ready to welcome fashion aficionados and art lovers from all over the world.

Photo credits: Alaia

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