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Saint Laurent Embraces Parisian Culture with an Artistic Bookstore


Paris, 12 February 2024

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

In Paris, the city of light, known for its rich culture and love for fashion, witnesses a cultural renaissance under the auspices of Saint Laurent, the haute couture house that has defined elegance for decades.

Adding another string to its already impressive bow, Saint Laurent has opened a bookstore and record shop in the iconic Left Bank neighborhood, breathing new life into the former fashion store on Rue de Grenelle.

This new space, named Saint Laurent Babylone, is a celebration of aesthetics and intellect, merging the refinement of fashion with the timeless character of books and music. The ambiance is that of a contemporary art gallery, where each book, album, and art object is meticulously selected to represent the spirit of the brand.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by towering shelves, housing a meticulous selection of art, photography, and design books, all enveloped in the aura of the maison.

Works by renowned artists such as Jeanloup Sieff, Cai Guo-Qiang, and Daidō Moriyama enrich the shelves, while rare books are displayed on vintage desks designed by Pierre Jeanneret, requiring white gloves to be leafed through, testifying to their preciousness and significance.

Under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent does not just follow cultural trends – it defines them.

Vaccarello has extended the brand’s influence beyond runways and advertising campaigns, investing in areas as diverse as cinema, evidenced by the production company launched last year and a marked presence at the Cannes Film Festival.

The bookstore’s very name, Saint Laurent Babylone, is a tribute to Rue Babylone, where the late founder Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé lived and amassed an invaluable art collection.

It’s a respectful nod to the heritage and influence of the brand in the art world.

With cultural events planned, such as book signings and DJ sets, the Saint Laurent Babylone bookstore is much more than a shop – it’s a hub for art lovers, a meeting place for creative minds, and a sanctuary for fashion and culture enthusiasts.

As Paris continues to define itself as the world capital of fashion and art, Saint Laurent strengthens its imprint on the city’s cultural texture, proving once again that fashion is not just what one wears, but what one feels, thinks, and expresses.

The Saint Laurent Babylone bookstore is an open door to the brand’s universe, an invitation to explore fashion as a form of art in its own right.

In this space where the past meets the present and fashion embraces culture, Saint Laurent shows boldness that transcends clothing boundaries.

The bookstore, exceeding traditional expectations, becomes a symbol of contemporary Paris, cherishing its heritage while forging the future.

At 9 Rue de Grenelle, the walls speak. They tell the story of a house that has evolved from haute couture to haute culture.

Visitors can now lose themselves among limited editions, touch creativity in the form of brass skull sculptures, or marvel at Leica cameras, symbols of another of the maison’s passions: photography.

The bookstore’s music selection also does not go unnoticed, as Saint Laurent Babylone features out-of-print albums and classic vinyl records.

It’s an ode to the music that accompanied the brand’s iconic fashion shows and continues to influence its creations.

Albums like “Promise” by Sade or “Hounds of Love” by Kate Bush resonate with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as Saint Laurent’s fashion pieces.

And for those seeking a unique gift, the bookstore also offers a selection of YSL products, from finely chiseled pens to elegant lighters.

For Valentine’s Day, chocolates, created in collaboration with pastry chef François Daubinet, present themselves as culinary artworks, blending aesthetics with indulgence.

Choosing to set up just steps away from the Saint Laurent fashion boutiques on Rue de Grenelle is no coincidence.

It reflects the brand’s integrated vision, seeking to offer a complete experience, blending fashion, art, literature, and music.

It’s a strategy that goes beyond retail to create a true lifestyle.

Future plans for the bookstore include a series of cultural events.

Vaccarello has always aimed to create spaces where people come not just to consume, but to live experiences, exchange ideas, and be inspired.

The bookstore and record shop are set to become a must-visit venue for book launches, art exhibitions, and encounters with influential creators.

In essence, Saint Laurent Babylone is not just a shop, it’s a destination.

It reflects a brand that has evolved with its times, while staying true to its essence.

In the cultural richness of Paris, the Saint Laurent bookstore stands as a new beacon, a place where style is read, fashion is music, and every visit is a discovery.

Image Credit: Saint Laurent

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