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Hennessy celebrated by the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” Label


Paris, 21 March 2024

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In a distinction that highlights French excellence in craftsmanship and industry, Maison Hennessy has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) label by the French Ministry of Economy.

This label, a symbol of exceptional know-how and significant contribution to the country’s cultural and economic heritage, highlights Hennessy’s dedication and excellence in creating exceptional cognacs.

A Heritage of Quality

Hennessy, a company steeped in history and tradition, is globally recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Founded over 250 years ago by Richard Hennessy, the brand has become an undisputed leader in cognac, present in over 160 countries.

The EPV distinction recognizes Hennessy’s commitment to maintaining and transmitting ancestral techniques, as well as its active role in the regional economy of Charente

Exceptional Savoir-faire

The EPV label highlights five essential skills that distinguish Hennessy: double distillation, aging and blending, coopering, and finally, bottling and packaging.

These processes, which demonstrate the Maison’s mastery and passion for its craft, also reflect a responsible environmental approach, as evidenced by the ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2015.

Recognition and Commitment

Laurent Boillot, President of Maison Hennessy, expresses his pride and honor in receiving this label, considering it a tribute to the know-how and determination of Hennessy’s teams. “This values our history and commits our future to preserving, enriching, and transmitting the Maison’s heritage, shining the light on French excellence,” he says.

The EPV distinction marks a significant moment for Hennessy, affirming its status among representatives of French excellence.

Luc Lésénécal, President of the National Institute of Crafts, emphasizes the importance of this label, highlighting Hennessy’s quality of expertise, its commitment to knowledge transmission, and its vision of an innovative company deeply rooted in its territory.

Towards a Radiant Future

With this label, Hennessy joins a select group of French companies recognized for their excellence.

It is another step in the Maison’s journey, illustrating not only its major role in international trade but also its ongoing commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of its unique heritage.

The EPV distinction is more than just a symbol of recognition; it is a promise for the future, to continue innovating while preserving the traditions that make Hennessy a symbol of French excellence.

In a constantly changing world, Hennessy proves that respect for traditions and innovation are not only compatible but essential for a sustainable and radiant future.


Press Release

Photo credits: Hennessy

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Do you know the impact of EPV-labeled companies on the French economy?

Key figures 2024:
8 market sectors
1035 labeled companies
59,000 jobs in France
€14.2 billion in cumulative turnover, with 53.7% exported

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