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CHANEL has a new Director General of Perfumes and Beauty


Paris, 16 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

In a strategic move anticipated by many, Chanel Inc. proudly announced the appointment of Emilie de Tramasure as the new General Manager of the Perfumes and Beauty division, with the transition scheduled for September 9th.

This decision marks the end of an era with the retirement of Barbara Menarguez, a longtime iconic figure at Chanel, who will bid farewell on April 26th after a distinguished career with the company.

Menarguez, whose name is synonymous with growth and innovation, leaves behind a legacy of success at Chanel. Joining the company in 1998, she rose through the ranks to become a member of the American executive committee in 2009, before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Her strategic vision notably led to the opening of 27 perfumes and beauty boutiques in the United States and the conversion of 34 lease doors, thereby strengthening Chanel’s presence in the American distribution landscape.

Emilie de Tramasure, with her six years as General Manager of Watches and High Jewelry, is recognized for her leadership and ability to invigorate the divisions under her leadership. Her journey at Chanel began in 1998 and has been marked by increasing responsibilities, from Mexico to Paris, and then from Singapore to New York. Her management of watches and high jewelry has seen exponential growth, and her talent for marketing was evidenced by the opening of a flagship store in New York last February.

With such a rich and diverse background, de Tramasure embodies the versatility and adaptability that are essential for leaders in today’s luxury industry. Her deep understanding of international marketing and product development experience ideally prepare her to lead Chanel’s perfumes and beauty segments, where innovation and customer experience are paramount.

De Tramasure’s appointment is more than just a succession; it reflects an era of transformation and evolution at Chanel, a company that values heritage while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

While awaiting de Tramasure’s full assumption of her role, Molli Megasko, Head of Digital in the United States, will serve as interim to ensure seamless continuity.

The search for a successor to Emilie de Tramasure for the Watches and High Jewelry division is underway, reflecting Chanel’s perpetual quest for excellence.

The company expresses unwavering confidence in its leaders’ ability to embody the brand’s values and propel the business towards new horizons of success.

With this transition on the horizon, the industry watches closely, anticipating the next steps of a fashion house that continues to redefine luxury and elegance on a global scale.

Meet & Match extends its congratulations to Emilie de Tramasure on her appointment as General Manager of Chanel’s Perfumes and Beauty division.

Meet & Match expresses confidence in her ability to enrich Chanel’s heritage and lead the company towards new horizons of success and excellence.

Image credit: Linkedin

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