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Louis Vuitton has unveiled its craftsmanship trunks for the medals and torch of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


Paris, 26 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

As the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, the house of Louis Vuitton confirms its place in the luxury and sports arena.

In a move that unites its heritage with the Olympic spirit, the brand has revealed custom trunks designed to house the games’ torches and medals, thus embodying a bridge between exceptional craftsmanship and the pursuit of sporting excellence.

These trunks, the first model of which will be presented to the public on May 8th, at the start of the Olympic flame’s journey from Marseille, attest to Vuitton’s expertise in creating refined travel articles.

This tradition, dating back over 170 years, is once again illustrated through the partnership with the Paris games.

The design of these cases combines innovation and aesthetics, with a touch of champagne color and a wavy water motif evoking fluidity and perseverance, qualities inherent to Olympic athletes.

The journey of the Paralympic flame, starting at Stoke Mandeville, also emphasizes the importance of inclusion and adaptability, values that Louis Vuitton aims to reflect in its support for the games.

The trunks, crafted in the brand’s historic workshops in Asnières-sur-Seine, are not just luxury items; they are the result of thorough research to combine functionality and elegance.

The interior of these trunks, lined with black leather to prevent any risk of scratching, and the exterior adorned with the Damier canvas or the iconic Monogram, are Vuitton’s signature, combining the house’s iconography with the spirit of the Games.

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton goes beyond this role.

With its slogan “Artisans de toutes les victoires,” the group draws a parallel between the precision of its artisans and the performance of athletes.

Other houses within the group, such as Berluti, Chaumet, and Dior, also contribute to dressing the games, adding a touch of glamour to the international event.

Pietro Beccari, Bernard Arnault and Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024. STÉPHANE FEUGÈRE

The official presentation of the trunks, scheduled for Wednesday evening, will be accompanied by a public exhibition where the iconic Malle Courrier will be showcased alongside sports objects, symbolizing the union between the history of the Vuitton house and the universal passion for sport.

In essence, Louis Vuitton does more than create trunks: the brand weaves a story where every stitch is imbued with the spirit of victory and innovation.

The Paris 2024 Games are thus marked by luxury and history, promising a memorable celebration of sport and human excellence.

Photography credits: Louis Vuitton

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