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Karl Lagerfeld’s former apartment was acquired for 10 million euros


Paris, 27 March 2024

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

In the heart of Paris, where fashion and architecture blend to the rhythm of the Seine, a real estate event recently shook the high spheres of couture and finance.

The apartment of Karl Lagerfeld, an icon of elegance and maestro of fashion, was sold at auction for the staggering sum of 10 million euros, nearly doubling the initial asking price of 5.3 million euros.

This March 26th will remain etched as a date where the heritage of fashion changed hands, not only in terms of possession but also in the preservation of a cultural legacy.

The apartment, a 260.21 m² space located in the prestigious Saint-Thomas d’Aquin district, was the scene of a life dedicated to design, creation, and the avant-garde aesthetic that characterized Lagerfeld.

The designer, known for his ability to reinvent the codes of fashion, imbued his place of residence with the same ideals.

From retractable glass walls to furniture signed by renowned designers, every detail reflects a futuristic vision.

It’s a sanctuary of modernity where Corian, steel, leather, and glass—the creator’s favorite materials—meet in a harmony of transparency and light.

Visitors to the place were welcomed by a living room where an impressive collection of books, about 40,000, testified to Lagerfeld’s passion for culture and knowledge.

It was not just a space that was sold, but a slice of the art of living according to Karl Lagerfeld.

In the bedroom, the contrast is striking between the rich heritage of Richelieu embroidery and the clean lines of the walls, a testament to an elegance that transcends eras.

There, one finds works such as an armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud, a symbol of comfort and design, and on the other side, functionality is hidden behind elegance—a television concealed behind a two-way mirror.

The new owner, whose identity remains unknown, now finds themselves the guardian of a universe where every object tells a story, every angle reflects a thought of the designer.

The question remains: will this legacy be preserved or transformed?

This purchase transcends the notion of a mere real estate transaction.

It’s the acquisition of a comprehensive work of art, a space designed and inhabited by a fashion giant, whose vision will continue to shine well beyond the walls of this Parisian apartment.

The sale not only established a new record in the world of luxury real estate but also affirmed the invaluable legacy of Lagerfeld in the world of design.

It remains to be seen how the new owner will dialogue with the soul of this space, which, although now orphaned of its creator, continues to whisper the essence of his genius through its compositions of glass and metal.

Photo credit: Karl Lagerfeld

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