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Dior and WWF Join Forces for Biodiversity Regeneration

CSR | News

Paris, 11 November 2023

In a visionary approach combining luxury and ecology, Maison Christian Dior Parfums and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have come together in a strategic partnership for biodiversity regeneration.

This collaboration marks a significant step for the beauty industry, showcasing the growing commitment of major brands to environmental preservation.

Since its inception, Christian Dior Parfums has placed flowers at the heart of its inspiration and olfactory and cosmetic creations.

Recognizing their essential role in ecosystem balance, the luxury house is committed to understanding and preserving their regenerative power.

This new partnership with WWF is a natural extension of this philosophy.

The urgency of this commitment is underscored by alarming statistics published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2021, revealing that the rate of extinction of flowering plants far exceeds that of birds and mammals.

These plants are not only a source of beauty and fragrance; they are fundamental to global nutrition, carbon capture, and the maintenance of biological diversity.

The project will see Christian Dior Parfums become the patron of WWF projects dedicated to the preservation and restoration of vast natural spaces in France and North America.

In France, the focus will be on protecting forest habitats and studying the population of the Eurasian Lynx. In North America, the partnership will support the regeneration of 15,000 hectares of large spaces, contributing to the return of jaguars, among other species.

The initiative goes beyond mere conservation; it aspires to restore soil fertility and revitalize biodiversity corridors.

The ultimate goal is to see ecosystems flourish again and wildlife return to habitats once abandoned.

In parallel, WWF will assist Christian Dior Parfums in minimizing its carbon footprint and assessing its impact on nature.

Water management strategies are also planned, as well as an experimental project at the Hectar agricultural campus, which will assess the impact of flowering plant cultivation on biodiversity and soil health.

This alliance between Dior and WWF is a bold step towards a future where luxury and nature conservation not only justify each other but reinforce each other.

It reminds us that true luxury lies in nature’s ability to regenerate and thrive – a vision that Christian Dior Parfums and WWF are committed to realizing.

We are delighted with the support provided by Christian Dior Parfums for the conservation of large natural areas, which will contribute to the return of endangered animal species and to accompany Christian Dior Parfums in reducing their environmental footprint, which is also part of our mission.Véronique ANDRIEUX, General Director of WWF France

At Christian Dior Parfums, we are convinced of the importance of supporting, with WWF, the preservation of large wild spaces to bring back flowering plants and essential biodiversity to the world, allowing in particular the return of endangered animal species.Véronique COURTOIS, President and CEO of Christian Dior Parfums

Photography credits: Dior

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