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Burberry & Vestiaire Collective: When Luxury Meets Sustainability

CSR | News

Paris, 26 October 2023

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The relentless world of fashion, known for its effervescence and constant innovation, is witnessing a major transformation.

Luxury brands, once perceived as inaccessible and often ephemeral, are today redefining their positioning in the face of contemporary challenges.

At the heart of this metamorphosis, an unexpected but strategic partnership unfolds: Burberry partners with Vestiaire Collective.

Burberry, an iconic brand with over 165 years of existence, is recognized for its meticulous manufacturing of clothing and accessories designed to last.

Yet, in an avant-garde move, it takes a bold step towards the world of luxury resale.

In collaboration with Vestiaire Collective, the global leader in this sector, Burberry offers its customers an innovative platform to exchange their precious pieces for brand gift cards.

This concept, beyond being innovative, encourages a circular economy, giving luxury items a second life, or more.

But that’s not all.

This collaboration is part of the “ReBurberry” program, aimed at infusing circular initiatives, thereby strengthening the brand’s ambition to keep products and materials in use as long as possible.

A vision echoed by Vestiaire Collective, which, through its “Resale as a Service” program, supports luxury brands in their transition towards sustainability.

However, the social reach of this partnership doesn’t stop there.

Burberry, in a philanthropic gesture, donated a selection of its famous Heritage trench coats to the British charity Smart Works.

This organization, which works to help unemployed women gain access to the job market, will benefit from the funds generated by the sale of these pieces.

An initiative that demonstrates that luxury can rhyme with generosity.

While the fashion world is often cited for its contribution to overconsumption, this partnership between Burberry and Vestiaire Collective lays the foundations for a new era. An era where luxury is not only synonymous with elegance and exclusivity but also with responsibility and sustainability.

In conclusion, in these times when sustainability has become a major concern, this partnership is a breath of fresh air.

It is indicative of a promising future where luxury, while remaining true to its values of authenticity and quality, fully embraces its role in building a more responsible world.

We are delighted to partner with Vestiaire Collective to offer our customers another way to breathe new life into their Burberry pieces. By building on our existing circular initiatives, including our follow-up services through our ReBurberry program, we hope these pieces can continue to be appreciated for generations to come.” – Giorgio Belloli, Chief Digital, Customer, and Innovation Officer at Burberry

Image Credit: Burberry

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