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TIME Magazine Recognizes LVMH as One of the Best Global Companies in 2023, Thanks to Its Growth, Employee Satisfaction, and ESG Commitments

CSR | Finance | News

Paris, 14 September 2023

The luxury sector is often associated with traditional craftsmanship, ancient know-how, and longevity. But in 2023, the equation seems to have evolved to merge these traditional values with technological innovations.

Proof of this is the recent ranking by TIME magazine, which highlighted the brilliant performance of the luxury giant LVMH, juxtaposed with that of the titans of technology.

LVMH Shines on the Global Stage

LVMH has brilliantly risen among the world’s most prestigious companies according to TIME.

Occupying the 2nd position among French companies and the 4th position among European titans, the group is living proof that the combination of luxury and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility is not only possible but also profitable.

This international recognition applauds the group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethics while continuing to offer its customers premium products and experiences. Constant innovation, employee satisfaction, and commitment to ecological, social, and corporate initiatives have been the pillars of this success.

Technology Giants: Models of Success

Technology companies, although having faced challenges at the beginning of the year, have proven that they are capable of bouncing back strongly.

Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, proudly dominate the ranking established by TIME and Statista.

These digital giants have managed to balance financial growth and responsibility, revealing humanity and the planet at the heart of their concerns.

Focus on Accenture

Accenture, a consulting firm based in Dublin, stands out for its deep commitment to ESG.

The firm is heading towards a carbon-neutral footprint by 2025.

Their strong female leadership, symbolized by their CEO, Julie Sweet, and the parity envisaged within their board of directors, reflects the future of diversity in the sector

While TIME’s 2023 ranking reflects the rapid evolution of technology companies, it also reveals a growing trend to integrate ethics, responsibility, and sustainability into their business models.

Whether it’s luxury houses like LVMH or technology titans like Microsoft, one thing is clear: the future belongs to companies that seek not only to thrive but also to have a positive impact on the world.

Image Credit: Time

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