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CHANEL Unveils Its New Beauty Creation

CSR | News

Paris, 7 September 2023

Every season, the beauty world eagerly anticipates new trends and innovations.

And this time, Chanel, the French fashion giant, has once again revolutionized the makeup universe with the introduction of its new gem: 31 LE ROUGE.

Behind its contemporary shine lies a rich history, a heritage that the house has beautifully integrated into its product.

The number 31 was not chosen by chance: it echoes the prestigious address of Chanel, 31 rue Cambon in Paris, where Coco Chanel herself discreetly watched models parade from her mirrored staircase.

These same mirrors, symbols of an era and a vision, are today sublime in the sparkling glass case of this lipstick.

But 31 LE ROUGE is not limited to its brilliant aesthetic.

After four years of intensive development, Chanel offers a technological and artisanal feat. The glass case, shaped with remarkable precision and adorned with a double gold ring, contains much more than just a simple shade.

It’s an ode to history, a bridge between the traditional craftsmanship of high perfumery glassmaking and the modernity of current technology.

The world is changing, and consumers are increasingly aspiring to responsible products.

CHANEL has clearly understood this and designed 31 LE ROUGE to be not only refillable but also versatile.

Its palette of 12 shades draws inspiration from the house’s history.

Special mention goes to Rouge 2.55, a nod to the lining of the brand’s iconic bag.

Beyond color, this lipstick also promises to pamper your lips.

A rich formula that offers hydration, protection, and even firming properties, making this product an indispensable ally for those looking to combine beauty and care.

In conclusion, with the launch of 31 LE ROUGE, Chanel is not just introducing a new product to the market.

The fashion house is retracing its heritage while projecting itself into the future, brilliantly mixing tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

An art object for some, an essential beauty for others, 31 LE ROUGE establishes itself as the icon of this season.

Photo credits : CHANEL

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