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Adrian Appiolaza Appointed Creative Director of Moschino


Paris, 30 January 2024

Adrian Appiolaza: A New Vision for Moschino

In a bold move that marks the beginning of a new era for Moschino, the Italian fashion house has announced the appointment of Adrian Appiolaza as creative director.

With a star-studded past that includes prestigious names like Loewe and Chloé, Appiolaza is set to lead Moschino towards new creative horizons following the sudden passing of his predecessor, Davide Renne.

Appiolaza’s selection is a clear sign that Moschino seeks to continue the innovative and subversive spirit established by its founder, Franco Moschino.

Massimo Ferretti, executive chairman of the parent company Aeffe SpA, expresses unwavering optimism about Appiolaza’s ability to interpret the brand’s DNA with a modern and appealing perspective.

Appiolaza’s first collection for the brand is eagerly anticipated and will be unveiled on February 22nd in Milan, a historically significant venue for Moschino.

It is in this same museum, the Museo della Permanente, where the house celebrated its first decade in 1993. The event is seen as a return to roots and a tribute to tradition while looking forward to the future.

Appiolaza is no stranger to the world of haute couture.

His journey, which took him from his grandmother’s sewing workshop in Buenos Aires to the prestigious design halls of Central Saint Martins in London, is marked by significant collaborations with renowned designers such as Alexander McQueen and Miguel Adrover.

His passion for fashion and Manchester’s music scene from the 80s has shaped his creative vision, earning him the admiration of Phoebe Philo, who invited him to Chloé in 2002.

The Argentine designer is also known to be a passionate collector, a trait that, according to Ferretti, makes Appiolaza particularly respectful of the heritage of the brands he works with.

This historical sensitivity will undoubtedly be an asset in understanding and enriching Moschino’s already rich legacy.

However, Appiolaza takes the helm at a delicate time for Aeffe, facing a decline in revenue due to market slowdowns in Europe and the United States.

Despite these challenges, optimism prevails with the hope of a turnaround through the reorganization of distribution, especially in China, where Aeffe has taken direct control of Moschino stores.

Moschino, which accounts for about 70% of Aeffe’s total sales, remains the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy.

The brand’s leadership is confident that Appiolaza’s vision will revitalize not only Moschino’s creative identity but also its positioning in the global market.

The fashion industry, always in search of renewal and inspiration, awaits Appiolaza’s first collection with anticipation.

Will it live up to the legacy left by Franco Moschino and Jeremy Scott’s bold imprint?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the spotlight is on Appiolaza and what many hope to be a captivating chapter in the Moschino saga.

For now, all eyes are turned to February 22nd, a date that may mark the beginning of a new legend in fashion history.

Image credits : Moschino

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