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Gaggan Anand opens a restaurant with Louis Vuitton in Bangkok

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Paris, 25 March 2024

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Bangkok, this vibrant metropolis known for its eclectic culinary landscape and streets fragrant with spices, has been enriched with a new gastronomic jewel.

Gaggan Anand, a starred chef and culinary pioneer, has joined forces with the luxury house Louis Vuitton to launch an unparalleled dining experience.

Nestled in the heart of the bustling Gaysorn Village, LV The Place Bangkok is much more than a restaurant; it is a statement of artistic and gustatory intentions.

Gaggan Anand, who held the title of Asia’s best restaurant for four years with his namesake establishment, has often been recognized for pushing the boundaries of modern Indian cuisine.

Today, with the opening of Gaggan at Louis Vuitton, he merges the refinement of French fashion with the exotic nuances of Thailand.

Upon entering this multidimensional space, visitors are greeted by elegantly arranged Louis Vuitton trunks, reminiscent of the brand’s heritage that began in 1854.

Draga & Aurel, an Italian design studio, has magnified the place with undulating resin structures and flower lamps bearing the famous LV monogram.

In this atmosphere, guests are invited to embark on a “gastronomic journey” from the Jura mountains, the cradle of Louis Vuitton, to the bustling streets of Bangkok, guided by Anand’s culinary creations.

Gaggan explains that drawing inspiration from Louis Vuitton was a year-long process, punctuated by visits to Paris to immerse himself in the brand’s DNA. He aims to present cuisine that “looks like Louis Vuitton – tastes like Gaggan.”

Thus, he has reinterpreted a popular dish from the Jura into a curry and transposed luxury into dishes such as Thai-style lobster and a mushroom recipe adorned with Vuitton’s checkerboard pattern.

However, Anand is not content with merely elevating cuisine with aesthetics; he desires to break the stigmas often associated with high-end gastronomy.

This is evidenced by his famous dish “Lick It Up,” which invites diners to lick their plate, a playful and unexpected way to break away from formality.

The restaurant offers an immersive experience where the five “S”s – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Surprise – define the menu.

With an 8-course lunch or a 17-course dinner, Anand promises a feast as elaborate as it is unexpected. Guests can expect flavors that defy expectations, such as “Cold Curry,” a surprising variation of a traditionally hot dish.

In an environment where Louis Vuitton’s aesthetics blend with Gaggan Anand’s culinary genius, both brands aspire to redefine luxury as a multisensory experience.

Gaggan at Louis Vuitton is not just about offering a meal; it’s an adventure where each bite is a discovery, each dish a narrative, and every visit an unforgettable chapter in the odyssey of taste.

Beyond the fusion of worlds, this initiative marks a turning point for Bangkok, affirming its status as the new capital of shopping and gastronomy in Asia.

Gaggan Anand, a resident of the city for 17 years, is confident that this project shows the world that Asian chefs can not only match but also elevate the partnership with Western brands, to create experiences worthy of the global stage.

Thus, LV The Place Bangkok is not just a temple of luxury; it is a sanctuary of culinary innovation.

And as Bangkok takes pride in this new gem, the world of haute cuisine watches, curious and eager, to see the impact this unique partnership between Gaggan Anand and Louis Vuitton will have on the international arena.

It’s not every day that a chef of Gaggan Anand’s stature partners with an iconic brand like Louis Vuitton, and the result is a harmonious dialogue between two worlds that, while different, both celebrate excellence and the quest for perfection.

In the heart of Bangkok, a city that never sleeps, Gaggan at Louis Vuitton promises not just a memorable meal but also an affirmation that cuisine can be both an art and an expression of culture.

As visitors wander through the floors, linger at the Louis Vuitton café for a hot drink, or explore the exhibition spaces, they can feel the ambition and innovation emanating from every corner.

And when they sit down at a table, in front of an Italian marble platter, for a meal crafted by one of the most avant-garde chefs of our time, they quickly understand that each dish is a journey in itself, a work that sparks conversation as much as wonder.

In a world where trends rapidly evolve, Gaggan at Louis Vuitton stands as a powerful reminder that some pleasures, like a well-designed meal or a carefully crafted handbag, remain timeless.

With Gaggan Anand’s personal touch, visible when he explains the story behind each dish, this restaurant does not just serve food: it serves stories, it shares cultures, and it builds bridges between seemingly distinct worlds.

As the last dish is savored and the final crumbs of pastry disappear, guests of LV The Place Bangkok take away not just an exceptional culinary experience but also the memory of a rare harmony between fashion and gastronomy, orchestrated by two masters of their art.

And as night falls on Bangkok, and the lights of Gaysorn Village dim, one thing remains certain: Gaggan at Louis Vuitton has already etched its name in the book of the most enchanting experiences in the city.


Crédits photographies : Louis Vuitton

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