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Appointment of Savannah Sachs as CEO of Eighth Day Skincare


Paris, January 16, 2024

In a strategic move by Eighth Day, the luxury skincare line has welcomed Savannah Sachs, a seasoned executive from Tula and Birchbox, to lead the company into its next phase of growth.

Founded in 2021 by skin cancer surgeon Dr. Antony Nakhla, Eighth Day began with a single flagship product, The Regenerative Serum, and launched exclusively through high-end specialty retailer Violet Grey.

This leadership transition comes on the heels of a minority investment by private equity firm L Catterton in September, signaling a new chapter for the burgeoning brand.

Since its inception, Eighth Day has broadened its offerings to include additional skincare essentials such as an eye cream and moisturizer, all infused with platelet-rich plasma—a nod to Dr. Nakhla’s surgical career and a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining medical-grade ingredients with luxury skincare.

Sachs, who joined the “clean” skincare line Tula and guided it through its acquisition by Procter & Gamble in 2022, concluded her CEO tenure in July 2023.

Her appointment at Eighth Day is a strategic fit, given her experience in steering brands through various growth stages and her passion for brand-building within the luxury consumer space.

With a deep understanding of the luxury beauty segment—one of the fastest-growing in the industry—Sachs is poised to leverage her extensive skincare management background to elevate Eighth Day. “To win in the luxury market, a brand must have two things: deep clinical credibility and potent formulas. That’s the essence of Eighth Day,” Sachs remarked in an exclusive interview ( WWD )

Dr. Nakhla’s role will now focus on product development, a realm where he feels most at home, allowing him to center on the science and innovation that are the cornerstones of Eighth Day.

He will continue to serve as a full-time practicing physician, bringing a hands-on, medically informed perspective to the company’s product innovation.

As Eighth Day’s distribution network grows, featuring prestigious names like Neiman Marcus and Net-A-Porter, Sachs envisions a future where investment in brand building and recognition is key. “The world is, in many ways, ours for the taking,” Sachs shared, emphasizing the need to amplify the brand’s already significant cult following and commitment to product innovation.

Both Nakhla and Sachs acknowledge that Eighth Day’s clientele is diverse, but united by a wellness-focused mindset that transcends traditional beauty product demographics.

These are customers who not only seek the best but are willing to invest in their health, beauty, and personal care—customers who prefer cold-pressed organic green juice and monitor their health with the latest technology.

With Sachs at the helm, Eighth Day is setting the stage for a new era of luxury skincare—one that promises to blend scientific innovation with market savvy to deliver the ultimate skincare experience to discerning consumers worldwide.

Photography Credits : LinkedIn

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