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Louis Vuitton Revolutionizes the Luxury World with the Launch of its First “Digital Collectible”

Paris, July 18, 2023 – French luxury house Louis Vuitton announced on Monday…

Paris, July 18, 2023 – French luxury house Louis Vuitton announced on Monday the launch of its first digital collectible in conjunction with its VIA initiative.

This announcement marks a turning point in the luxury industry, highlighting the growing intersection between the world of high fashion and blockchain technology.

Last June, Louis Vuitton already piqued public interest with the sale of its NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) “VIA Treasure Trunks” for the astronomical sum of 39,000 euros.

These tokens not only allowed for the acquisition of a physical trunk but also access to exclusive products and experiences.

However, the recent “Soul Bound Tokens” (SBT) have an additional peculiarity: they come with their physical twins, a concept known as “phygital.”

The first of the series, the VIA Speedy 40, is a Speedy 40 bag designed by American superstar Pharrell Williams. “Today marks the launch of the first exclusive product for our community: the orange Speedy bag designed and presented by Pharrell Williams at his first show on June 20. Pharrell Williams imagined 5 colors for this Speedy, the other 4 colors were all sold out within 48 hours,” said Gaspard Lézin, NFT Collection Manager at Louis Vuitton.

Unlike the VIA Treasure Trunks, which could not be transferred or resold, the new digital collectible VIA Speedy 40 can be exchanged and potentially resold on the secondary market.

This particularity gives this new token greater fluidity and potential long-term value for collectors and investors.

By taking this bold initiative, Louis Vuitton ventures into the unknown and sets the bar high for other luxury brands.

By catering to an audience knowledgeable in high fashion and blockchain technology, Louis Vuitton paves the way for a new brand experience for its customers.

This innovative combination of fashion, luxury, and technology once again shows that Louis Vuitton is more than just a manufacturer of luxury goods: it is a forward-thinking brand, always ready to push boundaries and set new trends.

Only the future will tell what other challenges Louis Vuitton will be ready to tackle in this constantly evolving digital space.

Crédit photographie : Louis Vuitton

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