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Marco Bizzarri, the former iconic leader of Gucci, has officially announced the creation of Nessifashion.


Paris, 28 march 2024

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In a strategic move that underscores his investment acumen and forward-thinking vision, Marco Bizzarri, the former iconic leader of Gucci, has officially announced the creation of Nessifashion.

This new entity, coinciding with the imminent expiration of his non-compete agreement with the Kering Group, is presented as a holding company ready to infuse fresh and dynamic capital into the haute couture ecosystem.

With an initial capital of €10,000, the company is seen by experts as a vector of innovation and a catalyst for potential growth for emerging fashion brands.

The genesis of Nessifashion materializes as this crucial deadline approaches.

With a modest starting capital of €10,000, this new investment holding is Bizzarri’s promise to return to the forefront of fashion, potentially by betting on emerging and innovative brands.

Based in the heart of Rome, where Nessifashion’s foundations have been laid, Bizzarri’s ambition knows no bounds.

This seasoned entrepreneur, who holds 99% of the new company, envisions a future where creativity and ingenuity will continue to thrive under his leadership.

His wife, Maristella Levoni, is also part of the venture with a 1% stake, anchoring the company in a family dynamic.

Marco Bizzarri is no stranger to the world of luxury.

Having previously catapulted Stella McCartney to record profits and tripled Bottega Veneta‘s turnover, he is best known for transforming Gucci into a fashion powerhouse, increasing sales from €3.9 billion in 2015 to nearly €9.6 billion in 2019.

His ability to marry creative excellence with commercial acumen has been the key to these resounding successes.

Rumors of his imposing return to the haute couture arena spread like wildfire in financial circles, fueled by whispers and anticipation. Now, these speculations crystallize into tangible reality with the birth of Nessifashion.

But Bizzarri is not just a fashion titan.

His passion for gastronomy has seen him collaborate with friend and star chef Massimo Bottura, with whom he created the concept of Gucci Osteria.

This close link between haute cuisine and haute couture is symptomatic of Bizzarri’s holistic approach: an unrelenting quest for excellence.

As the industry eagerly awaits Nessifashion’s next moves, one question remains: what impact will Marco Bizzarri have on the fashion landscape with this new venture?

If history is any indicator, the world can expect a stylistic revolution led by one of its greatest maestros.

Source: Milano Finanza

Photography Credit: Kering

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What impact will the creation of Nessifashion by Marco Bizzarri have on the fashion and luxury industry?

Given Bizzarri’s proven expertise in the luxury sector, it is foreseeable that Nessifashion will inject a new spirit of innovation and economic growth. Therefore, it is highly likely that Nessifashion will become a catalyst for change, positively influencing fashion trends and the financial performance of the brands it supports.

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