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Louis Vuitton Unveils Its New Product-Specialized Graduate Program


Louis Vuitton Launches HORIZONS: Pioneering the Future of Luxury with a New Graduate Program

Paris, France –

Louis Vuitton has unveiled the HORIZONS Graduate Program, aimed at cultivating the next generation of luxury product leaders.

This initiative underscores the prestigious maison’s commitment to nurturing talent across a spectrum of expertise, celebrating the diversity of skills that fashion and luxury goods industries demand.

The HORIZONS Graduate Program, starting in September 2024, offers an unparalleled 18 to 24-month experience across various segments of Louis Vuitton’s vast enterprise.

This program is not just a job; it is a crafted journey through the heart of Louis Vuitton’s product universe.

Candidates will plunge into a 360° exploration starting with retail experience in the bustling EMEA zone stores, followed by an immersive two-week stint in the Atelier, where the brand’s iconic products are meticulously handcrafted.

This on-the-ground approach ensures that graduates understand the tangible essence of the products they will one day lead.

The journey continues with extensive stints in Collection and Retail Merchandising, covering shoes, ready-to-wear, accessories, or leather goods.

This multi-faceted approach provides a holistic view of the product lifecycle, from conception to consumer.

The final rotation in Digital reflects the brand’s foresight in embracing the fusion of luxury and technology.

Eligibility for the program is refreshingly inclusive.

No prior experience in luxury or product management is necessary, opening doors for talent from various backgrounds.

Candidates are required to have an equivalent of a European master’s degree, be proficient in English, and exhibit potential in leadership and a passion for luxury products.

Recruitment for HORIZONS is set to be a rigorous affair, with online tests and interviews designed to discover candidates who resonate with the luxury sector’s ethos, have a keen product sensitivity, and fit the values and DNA of Louis Vuitton and LVMH.

In a statement, Louis Vuitton expressed that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but essential elements of their corporate identity.

The brand is dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment where unique perspectives are valued and celebrated.

The announcement of the HORIZONS program has stirred excitement among industry watchers and aspirants alike.

This initiative is seen as a significant investment in the future of luxury, with Louis Vuitton at the helm, steering towards innovation, inclusivity, and unparalleled excellence.

The recruitment phase is set between January 12th and March 1st, 2024, with a detailed timeline leading up to a decisive evaluation day at the Louis Vuitton Headquarters on May 14th, 2024.

Aspiring to join the ranks of Louis Vuitton’s esteemed talent pool?

This is your call to pioneer the future of luxury.

The voyage with Louis Vuitton promises not just a job, but a journey of personal and professional metamorphosis in the world of high fashion and luxury.

Credits : Louis Vuitton

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